Today I am releasing a new short documentary. Watch the film and read the story below! I met Stephen at the Golden Gate bridge overlook. He has been playing the flute for 40 years and was kind enough to share his music and thoughts with me when I met him in the overlook tunnel. 

"Yeah, I've gotta play, It's the bridge. . . life's an interesting thing, you know, you've got to do unto your brother as you'd want them do unto you and we'd probably have world peace. It's so simple."

No matter where life takes me I love seeing new places and meeting people and discovering what inspires them to be who they are. This spring I was in California driving along the coast and I spent one day in San Francisco. I love seeing all the different landscapes and California has just that. Farmland and big-city-life are not that far apart. I found a picture-perfect farm on my way to the coast. Then the coast - I recommend just heading that direction if you are in need of calming your soul. 

And then there's San Francisco. You really can't get to know the city in one day. Rolling pavement,  expansive cityscape, and a beautiful sunset sticks in my mind. I did find a good cup of coffee at Haus Coffee in the mission district. 

I met Stephen at the Golden Gate bridge overlook - The one up the hill with the tunnels. I was exploring the beautiful view and heard someone playing the flute in the distance. As I walked up the hill I noticed two tunnels. On one side of the tunnels was a beautiful view of the city and on the other was an expansive view of the Californian hills, valleys, and mountains. Stephen was playing his flute in between.  He was silhouetted in the tunnel with the mountains in the distance. A beautiful sound floated out of the tunnel as I approached. I was able to meet Stephen and learn that he was from Hawaii traveling to different scenic locations where he would break out his flute playing whatever came to mind. He has been playing for 40 years. 

"Yeah, I've gotta play, It's the bridge" Stephen said referring to the connection his music makes with people. "Life's an interesting thing, you know, you've got to do unto your brother as you'd have them do unto you and we'd probably have world peace. It's so simple." 


After working on this film and playing it back 20 plus times I feel like joining a boxing gym and dominating some punching bags. Way to go Reuben! You killed it at the gym. Seriously this dude is for real. Did I mention he can grow your business with the same intensity that he hits the gym?

Reuben doesn't start companies and he doesn't run companies. As a strategic growth expert he scales companies. Reuben is a hunter and fighter by nature. He loves helping companies grow. The idea to have him punching bags in a gym was a no-brainer. In fact it was his idea. Lantern Creative just helped make it a visual reality. There really is something entertaining about watching this guy kick some serious tail in the gym. Same thing goes for growing companies. Boom. Point made. 

"We take our clients into the world of the fortune 1000 or industry leaders. We work with companies that are bullish about growth, who are ready to work with a team of serious hunters to take that next step."

Belfast, Ireland

Welcome to my blog! Here you will find out about all my latest projects, ramblings, rants and passions. Where to start? Let's go back a few years. In 2011 Andrew Nelson asked me to join him in Northern Ireland to film a documentary he was working on for his thesis project. Belfast: Perspectives of a City, is a solid documentary with a reflective, introspective, and self-aware approach that engages the audience with authentic questions and honest answers.