Leilani Rogers | Birth Photographer

Leilani is a very special individual who photographs births. Leilani documents the dawn of new life. The arrival of a newborn is nothing short of an incredible phenomenon, and I was blessed to be a part of Leilani's life and work for a short  while. The following is a cinematic advertisement that opens a window into the heart of Leilani's life and work. This film describes visually what it means to hire Leilani to document one of the most import days of your family's life.

Reuben A. | Strategic Growth expert

Reuben doesn't start companies and he doesn't run companies. As a strategic growth expert he scales companies. Reuben is a hunter and fighter by nature. He loves helping companies grow. The idea to have him punching bags in a gym was a no-brainer. In fact it was his idea. Lantern Creative just helped make it a visual reality. There really is something entertaining about watching this guy kick some serious tail in the gym. Same thing goes for growing companies. Boom. Point made. 

"We take our clients into the world of the fortune 1000 or industry leaders. We work with companies that are bullish about growth, who are ready to work with a team of serious hunters to take that next step."

Covenant United Methodist | Promo

Covenant is a church in the heart of The Woodlands, Texas, that is a tight-knit community of believers who really just love hanging out with each other. This short film is about their community and the impact it has on their personal lives and those they come in contact with. 

Winding Creek Drive | Real Estate Advertising

Here is a property, located in the hill country of central Texas, that fully lives up to the romanticism displayed in this cinematic advertisement. No need for a lengthy voice-over describing the intricacies of the design and craftsmanship of this house. See it for yourself.