Darling is the story of a young girl who tries to cope with the recent death of her father by running away from home. The film tells the emotional narrative of the young girl's imaginative conscience as she is beset with thoughts of her father, the guiding figure she has lost both in life, and in dreams.

The film is a fantastical drama that explores grief, imagination, and the stillness of time. It digs deep into the spirtual ways that time, one of the most underappreciated entities of our world, weaves together the threads of our life.


Bookstore is the story of a young man and the inherent individual power he has to make decisions that will change the course of his life. Will he make a move and talk to the girl across the room, or will he glance up but continue working? We have the ability to change the course of history with our seemingly inconsequential everyday decisions. What will your next decision be?