Who we are

At Lantern Creative we make the dark come to light with emotionally dramatic films. We are a filmmaking collective that are passionate about telling intimate stories about authentic people and their visions. What is your vision? What light burns inside? Let us help you tell your story. Let us bring the narrative on your heart to the screen, and be a part of your adventure!

From left to right: Sam, Sawyer, Dusty.

Sam, owner and creative director at Lantern Creative, is interested in all things camera and music related. It's really hard for him to keep his eyes on the road when driving because there's too much to see and he might miss a photo opportunity. Sawyer is interested in his stacking cups, Curious-George-in-the-box, and is quickly learning how to use a camera and dance to whatever music is playing. Dusty is co-owner and account manager at Lantern Creative. Just about everything worth talking about that happens at Lantern Creative is because of her persistence and love for all things bright and beautiful. Just ask Sam.